Give it a go.

My first attempt at blogging, so give me some slack here. I guess I could start this thing off with introducing myself… I am a 23 year old mother, to an extremely feisty two and half year old. You would think a life of a 23 young adult, in a kind entertaining town would be rather, thrilling? Well, if that is what you’re expecting from this blog, then move on.

Still here? Great. I said I would introduce myself, and I did. There’s really not too much more of my life than my kid, Leo. I work, sleep, watch cheesy movies with my boyfriend and most excitingly clean shit diapers.

Besides keeping my home clean, mouths fed and bills paid… I work at a dental lab. After I graduated high school, I moved to the outskirts of Atlanta to attend a rather small private, Methodist university. I am by no means an outstanding scholar… or religious. I didn’t really have academics on my mind during my first year of college. I simply moved to get away from the city I lived in and to escape shitty relationships.

Unfortunately, I found sinful temptations. You see, in high school I didn’t really have friends and didn’t attend any kind of social activities. All I had was a very controlling boyfriend. Well, with college my inner social butterfly finally got to fly free… and my inner alcoholic.

It probably seems odd how quickly I go from alcoholic to Mommy with a career. My goal is to outline my experiences of young adulthood with each attempted blog entry. Ultimately, I decided to start writing to not only represent The Mommas Who, but to show that you and I are not alone. It may take a few entries, but it all builds up to my motherhood. Eventually you will understand me, The Mom Who… who finally decided to give it a go.